MVST Select is a premium product design, development, and distribution online retailer. 
Luxury Quality, Unbeatable Price.

Traditionally, retail prices reflect a 70%-90% markup. That means for every $100 spent, you only receive $10-$30 worth of the product. Where does that remaining money go? Besides the profit,mostly to the marketing and advertising efforts used to attract new customers; it doesn’t go back into the quality of the product.

We don’t believe in doing business that way. We believe good quality drives sales way more effectively in the long run by investing in our customer. Thanks to our experienced supply chain team, we are able to work with factories that are trusted by famous brands like Samsonite, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Hugo Boss, Armani, and the list goes on. By setting a fair margin rate and focusing on the integrity of the products, we are able to use the best materials and craftsmanship while keeping the prices economical.

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