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Carbon X 2.0 Carbon Fiber Suitcase

Sale price275 SEK



Secure your reservation now for just $25 and enjoy Early Bird benefits, including:

  1. Complimentary customization - Choose the color for the telescopic handle, wheels, rubber sealing, and aluminum frame, and even get your name laser engraved on the handle. Create one-of-a-kind luggage that you can easily spot at the baggage claim. 

  2. The $25 deposit will be converted to a $300 discount code, redeemable when you purchase the luggage, limited to one gift card per suitcase. If you intend to order more than one, please add the respective quantity of the $25 deposit. 

Cancel at any time for a full refund.
Once the production preparation is complete, a survey will be sent to you for customization details. 

Carry-On - $885
Medium - $985
Large - $1085

Carbon Fiber

Tri-Bearing Wheels

Alter-Nappa Leather Interior