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TREK Valise Aluminium Champagne

Prix de venteR 7,404.00 ZAR

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Avec la force et la durabilité nécessaires pour supporter une manipulation brutale par les bagagistes, cette valise à roulettes est dotée d'un extérieur en alliage d'aluminium robuste.

Des joints en caoutchouc, une fermeture sans fermeture éclair, des serrures combinées approuvées par la TSA et des roues pivotantes ultra-lisses garantissent que vos effets personnels sont sécurisés et faciles à transporter lorsque vous êtes sur la route pour les affaires ou les loisirs. Chaque valise comprend une housse de protection transparente, un sac à poussière et une étiquette de bagage en cuir.

Alumimum Shell

Zipperless Closure

Lifetime Warranty


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100% Aluminum Shell

Crafted from aviation grade aluminum alloy for a perfect blend of durability and elegance.

Ultra-smooth 360° Removable Wheels

The wheels are super smooth and glide with ease on any surface. Plus, they can be easily removed and replaced instead of needing to replace the entire suitcase.

Thoughtfully designed interior

Efficiently arrange your travel necessities with an interior made of anti-microbial material and multiple compartments.

Zipperless closure

Equipped with a duo of TSA-approved locks. Seamlessly open and close your suitcase with your 3-digit combo code.

Slow-release handles

Designed to smoothly return to its initial position with grace.

Travel in style

Arrive in elegance

Every piece we create is not just luggage, but a statement. A story. A canvas of your adventures.

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Comes in three sizes - carry on, medium, and large - for travels short and long.

Color Options

Pick your favorite color

The collection comes in a variety of colors including silver, gunmetal, black, army green, champagne, and red.